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Passant  travel and tours company has been working in the education field since 1997. We are an ICEF(International Conference Education Fair)Trained Agent Counselor, and we are a certified Education Agency to many universities, colleges and schools worldwide in England, Canada, United state of America, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus, Russia, and Malaysia.

    As a certified accredited agency we provide the following programmers:

Public high school placement, private junior, and high school placement, undergraduate programmers, postgraduates studies, and Summer camps all over England, Malta, and the USA.


   All our staff are well educated and have a long experience in the tourism and education field.we are an agent to many schools and colleges worldwide. In England, we are an agent to Cambridge regional college, Cavendish school of English, kings college, and we are an agent to Racus organization for Russian universities in Russia and the University of Findlay in the USA  a ranked university that offers scholarships. 

Simply, you just log your inquiry and we will find your request .please note that there will be a discount on the universities fees upon applying.

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