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The Citadel ofSaladin (Salah El-Din): 
Built between 1176 and 1182 AD. It provides apanoramic view of Cairo from Al Moqattam Hill "…the living world spreadout close beneath one's feet…" The Citadel complex includes the AlabasterMosque of Mohamed Ali, "Al Gawhara Palace", The Military Museum and the Citadel Outdoor Theatre.

Mosque of Amr Ibn AlAas:
Founded by Amr Ibn Al-Aas in 642 AD, the oldest mosque in Egypt and Africa. It representsschools of architecture from different periods.

Al-Nasser, Al-MansourQalawun,
Sultan Barquq Complex: 
A medieval complex of mosques, mausoleums andmadrassas (schools) built by three Mamluke Sultans.

Mosque of Ibn Tulun:
Built between 876 and 879 AD, this is one of Cairo's oldest, intact mosquescharacterized by its unique minaret. It is still in use nowadays.
Next-door is the Gayer Anderson House, (El Kretleya), theOttoman-style residence of a British major, restored and furnished in theperiod style and boasts his collection of Islamic art.

The Mosque and Madrassa(School) of Sultan Hassan:
A masterpiece of Mamluke architecture, it includes bronze doorsinlaid with gold and silver, marble panelling, and a fountain that used to runwith sherbet on special occasions.

The first Fatimid mosque and the oldest IslamicUniversity in the world, founded in 972 AD.

Part of the city's fortifications. Commander GawharAl-Sekelli startedbuilding them in 968 A.D., then they were renovated and extended in the reignofBadr Al-Din Al-Gamali in 1078. Of the remaininggates: Bab El-Nasr, Bab El-Futuh, Bab El-Mitwalli and Bab Zuwayla on whichtowers the minarets of "Mosque f El-Muayyad" were added in the 15thcentury.

TheMuseum of Islamic Art:
It is regarded as the largest Islamic museum inthe Middle East, housing 102.000 antiquities ranging from large architecturalpieces rescued from mosques to ceramics, manuscripts and tapestries dating fromthe dawn of Islam to the end of Ottomanperiod.

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