Mangolia Tour

June 16-25
July1-12 with Naadam Festival

Tour itinerary
Region: Southern and Central part of Mongolia
Tourname: Gobi Desert –Karakorum – Hustai, Terelj NP
Tourlength: 10 days, 9 nights

• Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs) and Visit nomad families
• View the largest sand dunes in Mongolia at Khongoryn Els
• Experience a camel ride with local nomads
• Stay in local Ger camps
• Explore Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park
• Explore the capital Ulaanbaatar and the Gandan Monastery
• Marvel Chinggis khan Statue
• Ancient capital of Mongolian empire
• Hustai and Terelj National Park


Day 01 ~Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Upon arrival at Genghis Khan International Airport, you are met by tour guideand transferred to the hotel in the city center.
Rest of the day is for rest and to recover jet lag and travel fatigue.

4 star hotel, Ulaanbaatar
Meals: Dinner

Day 02 ~ Cultural Tour of Ulaanbaatar, Familiarization 
Following breakfast, we set out to explore Ulaanbaatar-the capital city ofMongolia-the home to over a one third of the country's population where thetraditional gers and Buddhist temples coexist with sky-kissing towers! Beginfrom the Gandan Monastery-Mongolia's most revered religious site-home to morethan 100 Buddhist monks with beautiful chapels, courtyards and a giant 75-footgold gilded Buddha statue.
Next, we stop in the Natural History Museum that showcases the spectacularfossils found in the Gobi desert. After lunch, we visit the National Museum ofMongolian History and culture that has rich collection of stone and Bronze Ageartifacts, costumes, sacred relics and items related to the nomadic life suchas hunting and fishing tools.
The balance of the day is open for you to stroll the streets of the city onyour own.

Overnight Ramada Hotel or similar
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day03 Fly to the Gobi Desert (1.5 hours) and then drive to Yol Valley andGurvansaikhan National Park (Approximately 2 hours driving)
This morning we fly over vast steppe to the Gobi, Mongolia’s southernmostprovince of semi-arid desert. Meet your local guide and driver and thentransfer by 4WD vehicle to the Yol Valley in Gurvansaikhan National Park,situated in the lap of Altai Mountains. On the way to our lodge, we stop tovisit the local Natural History Museum for an insight to the flora and fauna ofthe area.
The next three days will be well spent exploring the vast Gobi-the habitat ofthe Bactrian Camels, Argali mountain sheep, Golden Eagles, Jerboas thatresembles the Kangaroo rats, Saker Falcons etc. We may also take a scenic hikethrough the valley to discover the habitat of indigenous vulture-likelammergeyers, Altai snow cocks, ibex, yaks, and Argali mountain sheep.

Overnight in Ger Camp, Sand Dune
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day04 Drive to Hongoryn Els (Approximately 4 hours by 4WD)
Following breakfast, we set out on our 4WD vehicle to the towering sand dunesof Hongoryn Els, which run for 60 miles alongside the Gobi-Altai Mountainrange. These “Singing Sands,” which stand upto 2,500 feet, are probably theGobi’s most impressive sand dunes. Isolated from the rest of the country, theSinging Sands are the best kept secret for thousand years in the history ofMongolia. We will visit camel breeding family near the sand dune and will ridecamel to the sand dune. The dunes seem to stretch on forever like a soft ribbonof sand draped over the desert. The shifting sand blown by the wind or someonemakes sound so it is called Singing Sand Dunes. There is a beautiful greenoasis known as Seruun bulag near the Khongor River. Return to the camp forlunch and enjoy feeling silence and a peaceful in the beautiful surroundingsGobi Deserts. Today, we sleep in the traditional Ger Camp

Overnight in Ger Camp, Gobi Desert
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day5 Retrace drive to Bayanzag, visit the Flaming Cliffs.
(Approximately 3 hours driving)
After lunch and some rest, we drive to Bayan Zag, popularly called as “TheFlaming Cliffs” for its glowing orange rock. It was here, in 1922, that Dr.This area got international name as Roy Chapman Andrews and his explorationteam from the American Museum of Natural History discovered the first nest ofdinosaur eggs here. The area is haven for the natural history scientists as thearea is rich in dinosaur fossils.

Overnight in Ger Camp,
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6 Back to Ulaanbaatar and travel to HustaiNational Park
After arrive in ULN we drive to Hustai National Park Hustai National Park isthe site of a unique re-introduction scheme of Przewalskii’s horse (Equusprzewalskii), called "takhi" by Mongolians. It became extinct in thewild in 1969 and, since 1992, has been successfully re-introduced to Hustaifrom zoos around the world. This has been an international effort monitored byThe Foundation for the Przewalskii Horse, based in the Netherlands and MACNE(Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and the Environment). Thenational park is rolling Steppe Mountains with rather large patches of birchand aspen forests. There are also visible remains of Neolithic graves. Inaddition, red deer (Cervus elaphus) and wolf (Canis lupus) have increased quitea bit during the last few years, as well as Mongolian gazelle. Species presentin Hustai but usually not seen include Lynx, Argali Sheep and Roe Deer. TheHustai National Park in Mongolia is world famous for the successfulreintroduction of the Prezwalski horse. Stay overnight in ger at tourist camp.(B, L, D)

Overnight in Ger Camp,
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day7 Drive to Karakorum
Early morning drive to Karakorum and arrive late afternoon, on the waypicnic.  Ancient capital of Mongolia Karakorum city was located on theright bank of Orkhon River and on the north-eastern slopes of the KhangaiMountain and founded by Chinggis khan in 1220, was not only the capital of thevast Mongolian Empire but the epicentre of trade along the Silk Road. At thattime the inhabitants of city were mostly Merchants craftsmen who came tokarakorum from all over the world. Khubilai khan moved to the capital of theMongolian Empire to China, establishing the Yuan Dynasty, began losing itsimportance.  In 1379 much of the city was badly damaged during an attackby the army of the Min Dynasty. Stay overnight in ger at tourist camp. (B, L,D)

ErdeneZuu monastery
Erdene zuu monastery was built by Avtai Sain Khan on the ruin of the Mongoliancapital Karakorum in 1586. It was the first great Buddhist Monastery ofMongolia. It is part of the World Heritage Site entitled Orkhon Valley CulturalLandscape. Stones from the ruins of Karakorum were used in construction. It issurrounded by a wall featuring 108 stupas, 108 being a sacred number inBuddhism, and the number of beads in a Buddhist rosary. The monastery wasdamaged by warfare in the 1680s, but was rebuilt in the 18th century and by1872 had a full 62 temples inside. The Erdene Zuu Monastery was taken to stateprotection and became museum in 1944.

Overnight in Ger Camp,
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day8 Drive from Karakorum to Terelj National Park via Ulaanbaatar

Drive to TereljNational park. See turtle rock and visit temple of meditation. There are horseriding and camel ridings available in the National park. Stay overnight intourist camp. (B, L, D)

Overnight in Ger Camp,
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day9 Drive to Statue of Chinggis khan and Ulaanbaatar
We will drive to a visit to the 40 meters Chinggis Khan statue that has beencompleted in 2008 on the banks of the Tuul River. We will climb to the top ofthe statue, and will enjoy the marvelous landscape of the wide steppessurrounding it. And continue dirving back to Ulaanbaatar. There is more to seeif you are interested. Visit the Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum-residence ofBodg Jabzan Damba Hutagt VIII-Mongolia's last theocrat. Or take leisurelystroll in the town center. In the evening, enjoy farewell dinner and localfolklore dance shows.

Overnight in Ramada Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day10 Depart Mongolia
Transfer to the airport for flight to next destination.

Price: 1999 USD for twin share
2490 USD for single

Shared accommodation in ger camp
All meals as listed in itinerary
All entrance fees
Sightseeing as per itinerary
Accommodation in 4 stars hotel in Ulaanbaatar (twin standard room doubleoccupancy)
Transportations by 4WD vehicles
English speaking guide (other language guide on request)
Daily supply of bottled water, Domestic flight

Not included

International airfare
Travel insurance
Optional activity cost
Excess baggage charge

From : 200$ per person
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