A number of small,local companies offer a variety of day trips. Better still, you can also setout on your own. The ancient pirate port of Olympos lies some 40 minutes awayfrom the hotel Nerissa. A leisurely stroll along Çıralı beach takes you to itsharbour, which is dominated by the spectacular ruined acropolis. For most ofits history, Olympos was a bit of a renegade city, especially when it served asthe headquarters of the infamous pirate Zeniketes from the end of the 2ndcentury B.C. until 78 B.C. At the foot of the Acropolis, right on the beach isthe curious rock formation known as Deliktaş, which roughly translates as'pierced rock'. Some 20 minutes from the hotel is the mystical Mount Chimera,known locally as Yanartaş. It is a popular attraction featuring an ancienttemple near a series of flames erupting from the very bedrock itself. Of themany legends surrounding the place, perhaps the best known is that of the Greekhero Bellerophon and his flying horse Pegasus, who killed the fire-spittingchimera on this very spot. So powerful was this creature that its flames couldnot be extinguished and still burn today. For hikers, trekkers and walkers,there are a multitude of marked trails, many of which cover parts of the famousLycian Way. The trails are suited for both the experienced and theinexperienced hiker and lead you past the many wonders of lanscape, flora andfauna. The trails are of varying lengths, ranging from 1 to 6 hours. Daily boattours depart from Çıralı Beach. Of note is the tour that takes you some milesnorth along the coast to the ancient port of Phaselis - known for itsbreath-taking location and many interesting ruins - and the locally famousThree Islands (Üç adalar). Another takes you south to the beautiful secludedbays of Porto Ceneviz, Coban Limani and Sazak. A third takes you to WaterIsland (Sulu Ada), an uninhabited island with its own freshwater source. Longertours take you further south and southwest along the coast to the sunken cityof Kekova and the magnificent Simena peninsula or to Myra with its famousChristian church of Saint Nicholas. Some 10 km southwest of Cirali is the townof Kumluca with a large, traditional bazar far away from the centers of masstourism. Here you can buy fruit, vegetables, honey, herbs and everything elseyou might need at normal prices. Cars and motorcycles can be rented at the deskof the hotel. Abo
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